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Bamban –Sixteen  of the first Batch who undergo reformation in Bamban Bahay Pagbabago completed their one month stay of total reformation.

Early this quarter, Mayor Jose Antonio T. Feliciano opened Bamban Bahay Pagbabago in Dapdap Resettlement here and welcomed its first set of clients who are drug dependents.  The Reformation Center is one of the priority project of Mayor Feliciano as part of his advocacy to fight crimes in Bamban.

They were among the nearly 290    people who are included in the PNP watchlist  and who surrendered to the Bamban police after admitting using or selling illegal drugs.

The Bahay Pagbabago, which can house approximately 20 reformists, offers one-moth reformation program which includes lectures conducted by a religious group and livelihood programs in coordination with the Municipal Social Welfare and Development, Municipal Health Office, Municipal Public Employment Service Office and Technical Education Skills and Development Authority.

Currently, after the graduation of the first Batch, there are 12 users of illegal drugs are now enrolled in the reformation center manned by the Bamban police.

One barangay in this municipality was declared drug unaffected by the Philippine National Police (PNP).  PCI Jovy P. Arceo, said that barangay Culubasa passed the 14 parameters. These parameters include the non-availability of drug supply and absence of drug transit and transhipment activity, clandestine drug laboratory, drug warehouse, clandestine chemical warehouse, marijuana cultivation site, drug den, drug pushers, drug users and protector/coddler and financier, the police official said.

To be declared drug unaffected, a barangay must also have barangay officials implementing anti-drugs drive.  Drug awareness, preventive education and other related programs and processing desk for surrenderees will qualify a barangay to be declared to be as drug unaffected.

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